sit on stool, bend down and slowly take orange into hand, sit up and extend arms out in front with orange between hands, pierce peel with thumb and squish orange till juice is squeezed out. carefully tear orange apart and one by one drop orange pieces to ground. hold hands still and watch droplets of juice drip off, bend over and place hands in air current from fan. then take another orange into hand, sit up straight, extend arms out in front…

fofa gallery window: what happens when nothing happens curated by véronique malo and emily mennerdahl, september 2009 montréal, québec.

drying orange peels

August 28, 2009


while in granby for my 3e imperial residency i started to dry orange peels.



during the return voyage an adolescent boy stood against the rail just in front of the orange peel. i noticed that he noticed the peel. he proceeded to glance furtively around and then he tried to kick the peel off the ferry to the water below. he wasn’t sucsessful, instead the peel fell onto the floor of the ferry. he tried again to kick the peel overboard, but the peel got stuck on the edge of the lip. he gave up and walked away. the peel lay on the ground looking flattened and pathetic. jack suggested i take a picture, but i declined thinking i would make myself too conspicuous to the other passengers who would immediately know it was i who had left the orange peel there and they would rise up against me for having the audacity of leaving such garbage laying around.





as jack pays for our berries and cheese curds i ask the cashier if there is a washroom. she directs me to the back of the building. just as i approach the door a group of girls come out. after using the washroom and strategically placing my orange peel i decide i want to buy some honey for my son who is house-sitting. i go back and as i am paying for the honey the cashier apologizes for the state of the washroom –saying she had just cleaned it before the kids from camp descended. with a twinge of guilt i assure her the washroom is just fine.